Set up to specifically cater to your needs. Typical examples generally include basic water content measurement apparatus (Oven and Balance) to ensure that in situ testing of density is carried out and reported as soon as possible. Some set ups will carry their own IANZ accreditation others will operate under accreditation of the Drury Laboratory.

We can also, as an alternative, supply dedicated personnel to look after your site testing needs whether it be concrete sampling, compaction control of earthworks or aggregate pavements, trench backfill, aggregate or soil sampling.

Typical On Site Testing We Provide:

Nuclear Densometer (NDM)
Sample Tubes In Situ Density
Water Contents
Scala Penetrometer
Hand Held Shear Vane
Soil Sampling – Hand Augers
Clegg Hammer Impact Values (IV)
Concrete Sampling
Aggregate Sampling

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can source testing from other Laboratories if required.