Stevenson Laboratory has become a highly regarded independent civil engineering materials testing facility. The laboratory is modern and spacious, offering continuous quality control testing and technical support to the public.

The Laboratory operates as a standalone business unit within the Stevenson Group of companies.

Stevenson Laboratories specialises in providing fast turnaround bulk mechanical testing of aggregates, concrete, masonry, segmental paving, earthworks and soils for earthworks. The laboratory also collaborates with a number of research institutions to further knowledge and understanding of construction materials.

Our expertise is backed by over 35 years of proven industry experience. In 1975 we obtained IANZ accreditation (formally known as TELARC) and became one of the first independently certified civil engineering laboratories in New Zealand.

IANZ ACCREDITATION is formal independent recognition that a laboratory is capable of performing tests to the requirements of national and international standards for which it is registered. Results which carry the IANZ endorsement assure the client that methods and laboratory practice satisfying the requirements have been used for the performance of the tests.