Stevenson Laboratory specialises in bulk testing of ready-mixed concrete, both fresh and hardened.

The Laboratory is equipped with the latest automated strength testing facility which eliminates human error and achieves greater consistency in test results. Our test frames can accommodate a large range of sizes and shapes.

Typical Concrete Testing That We Provide:

Sampling of Fresh and Hardened Concrete
Sampling and Testing of Drilled Concrete Cores
Lab Batching of concrete mixes for Product Development (Mix Trials)
Compression Strength of Concrete
Compression Strength of Concrete Cores
Flexural Tensile Strength of Concrete
Splitting Tensile
Moulding and Curing of Concrete Test Cylinders or Beams
Capping of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens
Density of Hardened Concrete
Slump of Fresh Mixed Concrete
Density (Unit Mass), Yield, Cement Content and Air Content

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can source testing from other Laboratories if required.